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“The question posed in the title of this article, ‘Do We Really Need LEED,’ is rhetorical. Well, mostly. Let’s clarify. Do the retail and restaurant industries need to make responsible building and energy conservation a priority? Absolutely, unambiguously yes. But is LEED certification the ideal guideline for us to follow? There’s the real question.”

Project Details

WayfinD is the quarterly online magazine of WD Partners, a consulting company that specializes in the branding, design, and operations of large-scale retailer and restaurant brands. WayfinD content is completely original, based on in-depth customer research and interviews with leadership throughout this multidisciplinary company. We’ve been proud to work with WD Parners for nearly a decade, and contributed to WayfinD starting with its very first issue.

WayfinD, for the first time, allows the company to share its expertise to clients, potential clients, journalists, and others interested in the industries it serves. Content is known for surprisingly sharp, edgy writing that challenges industry assumptions and forces readers to look at familiar topics in new ways. The best example of this is the article, “Do We Really Need LEED,” which challenges the viability of the popular — but pricey — LEED building certifications. The article pits two WD experts in a debate on LEED’s environmental value and sustainability.

Thanks to sharp design and compelling content, WayfinD’s readership continues to grow — and open doors for the company.