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Writing Sample

“Sometime in late 1971, four architects at a large firm started wondering what their careers might look like in a small firm. A firm of their own. They mused about having closer contact with clients and forming more collaborative relationships with them. They thought how liberating it would be to stretch their skills beyond the task-specific constraints of their current roles. They wondered how it would feel to create a distinct point of view and see projects through from start to finish. And how thrilling it would be to pursue projects closer to their hearts.”

“A few months later, they acted on their instincts.”

Project Details

DesignGroup has been a client for more than six years and is a source of almost constant inspiration and engagement. DG is one of the city’s most respected architecture firms, and we’ve been honored to write and edit countless projects for them, including dozens of thought leadership articles.

Most recently we were a central part of the creative team tasked with creating DesignGroup 50, a 370-page coffee table book to celebrate the firm’s 50th anniversary. It was the centerpiece of a year-long campaign to share the firm’s values and accomplishments with clients, staff and partners. The 35,000-word book includes a 3,000-word history of the firm, a detailed timeline of company milestones, predictions for the firm’s next 50 years, stories of 50 of its most iconic projects, and much more.

The project included video interviews with the firm’s founders and leadership, the creation of a robust anniversary website, and serialization of much of the book content via social media platforms. The result was a detailed look into the spirit, intention, and pride shared by DesignGroup staff and clients alike.

The DesignGroup 50 was awarded Best in Category for Copywriting in the 2022 CSCA Creative Best Awards, among other industry accolades. The book, videos, and microsite were designed and art directed by the superb local studio Holden Ellis.